Currently Suofeiya has over 3000 stores in China, and works with over 50 top Chinese real estate companies in project business industry. In order to meet the huge scale and pursue better industrialization, Suofeiya has set up 7 production bases in China, equipped with the most German Fast Pressing Production Line, German Large Cutting Equipment, Automatic CNC Edge Banding System and Automatic 3D inventory system. Suofeiya is dedicated in Industry 4.0 Strategy, in order to make every step accurate and enhance the productivity, therefore, provide the most professional service for customers.
Sufficient Capacity
In 2017, SUOFEIYA average monthly actual production reached 184,400 orders from SUOFEIYA custom wardrobe and its supporting custom cabinet production base , and the average annual production capacity utilization rate was 85.6%. The average delivery period of the factory in 2017 is about 10 days to 12 days.
Industrial 4.0
SUOFEIYA’s Industry 4.0 Strategy Aims
Suofeiya has over 15 automatic production lines, matching with different clients order needs ,achieving perfect combination of mass production and individuality . Suofeiya has the world-class GERMAN HOMAG flexible production line, automatic cutting machine,automatic edge banding machine, drilling machine, automatic packaging machine, GERMAN WEMHOENER pressing machine and many furniture making machinery from Europe.