SUOFEIYA Home Collection Co.
In 2011, Suofeiya became the first Chinese customized furniture company to go public. In the past few years, the company has become the development trend of wardrobe industry, with its strong development capability, leading patent technology and design. The professional and normative service standard has permeated into every detail of your products. We have professional design team to know your needs.
  • 2018.02Founded the SUOFEIYA Building Decoration Ltd. aiming at project business
  • 2017.05Founded the company SUOFEIYA HUAHE Door Industry Co., Ltd.(customized doors and windows)
  • 2017.01Collaborate with Evergrande
  • 2015Founded GZ Ningji Intelligent Systems Ltd.
  • 2011.04The first A-share listed custom wardrobe company
  • 2007“CHINA ENVIRONMENTAL LABELLING” the most valuable certification
  • 2003.11SUOFEIYA R&D Center Established
  • 2003Custom wardrobe was introduced to China, creating a custom wardrobe era in China.